Coffeeneuring Challenge Results Part 2: Finishers!

I made it on the “finishers” list of the Coffeeneuring Challenge. Yay!


It’s a great day here at Chasing Mailboxes as I am announcing the official finishers of the 2013 Coffeeneuring Challenge!

The 2013 edition of the Coffeeneuring Challenge is the largest yet, with 121 122 123 125 coffeeneurs following most  all  the rules and completing 7 rides to 7 different coffee shops over a period of 7 weeks.

I have more to share about this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge participants, including more fabulous guest posts, but for now I want to recognize each individual who finished the challenge and tell you what they’ve won.

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Tumblr blog!

Since I started to seriously work on this new wordpress blog, I've been in the mood to experiment with other blogging-type platforms, I decided to create a (gasp!) Tumblr blog. Since tumblr is more suited to photos and such, my tumblr will be photo-specific. The theme is interesting bicycles that I've spotted in my travels... Continue Reading →

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