Hang up the phone, it’s my final Coffeeneuring ride of the challenge! (Number 7, if you are counting.)

It’s the end of Coffeeneuring as we know it for 2013!After “phoning it in” on Ride 6 last week, I hoped to make the last ride something special. I was planning on making the Sunrise Coffee Club ride to Mount Tabor on Thursday morning (November 21st) my entry for Ride 7, especially since I was... Continue Reading →

I’m on the Sprocket Podcast again!

Hello dear readers! Just letting you know that I'm featured on this week's Sprocket Podcast. Just like the last time I was on there in 2012, I talk about bicycle touring experiences in the Pacific Northwest. So this time I talk about my three big trips in 2013: Portland-Gorge-Spokane, Central Oregon Cascades, and the San Juans.... Continue Reading →

Coffeeneuring Ride #6: Phoning it in?

With any “challenge” longer than a few weeks, it seems inevitable that enthusiasm will dwindle after those first few weeks. I came out of the gate all fired up, accomplishing four “Coffee Outside” adventures in a row. But now I have less time and more stuff on my plate. It’s getting harder and harder to... Continue Reading →

A Quick Life Update

Hello friends and fiends. It was a busy and eventful October here at Urban Adventure League HQ, with its shares of ups and downs. And November promises to be even busier, and hopefully with more highs and lows. What's happening round these parts? I regained full-time status at "the hostel". Those of you who read... Continue Reading →

Coffeeneuring Report, Week 4, 30 Oct 2013

Hello folks! It's yet another installment to my Coffeeneuring Challenge series! And yep, this one is another "coffee shop without walls". (But don't you worry, now that the weather is crap, I'll be going inside to drink coffee!) This one happened during my Stub Stewart camping trip, Oct 29-30. You can read the whole story... Continue Reading →

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