Heading to Vancouver! (And a Country Bike Ramble)

It’s been two years since the last time I’ve been to Vancouver, BC, in fact I haven’t been there since the Cross-Con Tour in 2011. So a return is long overdue. And it just happens that right now Vancouver’s annual bike-fun festival, Velopalooza, is currently in full swing. So I managed to sneak in some time off from work during the busiest of the busy season to be in Vancouver for the last two days of the festival.

So this Friday, August 9th, I’ll be taking Amtrak north to the Terminal City where I’ll spend Saturday, Sunday, and Monday enjoying the city and partaking in rides. And me being me, I have to lead a ride of my own. Over much internal debate, I decided to host a Rough Stuff “Country Bike in the City” Ramble on Sunday August 11th. Meet at Volunteer Park, 2855 Point Grey Road (near the intersection of W 1st Ave and Macdonald St) at 11 am. We’ll ride about 15 to 20 miles…er, 20 to 30 kilometres while rambling around the city, paved road and not. (Learn more via this link.)

If you are a Vancouverite, I hope you can come along! Or if you want to hang out during my three-day weekend, get in touch. 

I love to hear from you!

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