Thinning the collection: Camping stoves and cookware For Sale.

It’s been pretty good out this way for the last several days. Today (Wednesday) was sunny and a high of 63F/17C. This is the type of weather for thinking about camping. (And also actually camping, if I can luck out and have days off lined up with weather like this!) This year there will be a few tweaks to the camping gear. We’ll talk a bit more about that in the future. But right now, it’s time to purge some items.

All of the items below are still in good working condition, but most show signs of use and wear. (Bottoms of pots scratched and blemished, etc.) All items available for shipping in the US, shipping prices NOT included in prices quoted. (If you are out of the country, I could ship it to you, but you won’t like the postage.) I’m willing to give discounts if you buy multiple items together, and obviously it will save you on shipping costs. All items currently available unless otherwise noted.

So here goes!

Optimus Terra Kettle. More info. Nice little lightweight camping teakettle. Anodized aluminum, 0.7 litre capacity, 5.4 ounce weight (sans liquid.) $10

Trangia burner not included.
Kettle shown for “informational” purposes only, and not included with sale of Clikstand.

Clikstand S-2. More info. This is a nice and nifty lightweight aluminum pot holder/”windscreen” designed to be used with a Trangia alcohol burner (though a pop can stove should also work.) Packs down small and light. While it works ok in light wind, you’ll want a windscreen (either home made or the one Clikstand sells) if conditions are pretty breezy. Pots/pans should be fairly wide too. For example the teakettle will work but the GSI pot won’t. Weight 3.3 oz. $15

GSI Soloist nesting pot/bowl combo. The bowl (orange) nests inside the pot, along with a fuel canister (the green can, for example) and canister fuel stove (the Vargo). Pot is anodized aluminum with 1.0 litre capacity. Carrying bag included. $15 (Note: Stove/canister sold separately.)

MSR Flex Skillet. More info. Aluminum pan with non-stick coating inside. 9 inch diameter, 1.5 litre capacity. Removable handle for easy storage. Note: a couple nicks on the non-stick surface but nothing major. $15

Trangia alcohol burner. More info. The Swedish original, and still the best (in my opinion). Trangia burners use either metyhl alcohol (HEET here in the States) or denatured alcohol. About 3 oz fuel capacity. To be used with a potholder like the Clikstand S-2. $5

Pot sold separately.

Vargo Titanium canister fuel stove. Lightweight and easy to use! To be used with an isobutane/propane type canister like the one pictured at top of post. (The canister is included with the stove for local pickup, but can’t be shipped, sorry.) $15

If you are interested in any or all of the items, please email me.


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