Interestingly Good and Interestingly…Interesting: Our Ainsworth bike camping trip report

Last time I left you fine folks April and I were headed out to Ainsworth State Park in the Columbia Gorge for our first true bike camping overnight of 2013. I'm not going to bore you with the basics of the ride to Ainsworth, as it has been covered here before (so go read those... Continue Reading →

Off to Ainsworth for a Bike Overnight.

I've got two days off, no obligations, and my sickness has mostly passed. The weather is great, mostly sunny, 62F/17C, though there is a chance of sprinkles tomorrow. What better day to have our first bike camping overnight of 2013?We loaded up the bikes with gear, and got used to the weird handling as we... Continue Reading →

How Tours are Born: Super Gorge

Hello friends, yes, it is officially spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Now many of you in North America west of the Rockies have been dealing with some pretty nasty winterlike conditions this March, so the change of official seasons may feel like a joke to you. But out here in Cascadia, where the Maritime climate... Continue Reading →

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