Blog Posts Revisited: Northern Quebec Bike Tours

Hello to all my funky friends. Welcome back to the semi-regular series “Blog Posts Revisited”, which is like a VH1 retrospective, except it’s on this blog.

Today we’ll talk about a blog post I did about a year ago, where I ruminated about what it would be like to bike tour on some of the most remote roads in North America: The James Bay, Route du Nord, and Trans-Taiga in Northern Quebec, and the Trans-Labrador in…Labrador. I noted in the post that someone was planning on biking all of those roads in 2012.

Well, it is 2013 and it looks like that gent has done just that, for the most part. Check out his journal on Crazy Guy On A Bike, titled Kawawachikamach: Riding The Northern Edge of Quebec and Labrador. He’s still about six months behind in updating the journal (currently it ends in early August when he’s in New Brunswick), as he kept a paper journal during the ride. (Keeping it up-to-date electronically would have been impossible in a land of no internet and ways to recharge computers.) So far in the narrative he’s completed the Northern Quebec section of the ride (he skipped the Route du Nord, though) and is on his way to Labrador. Lots of interesting stuff, including finding out what happens when you use too much DEET.

And in the comments on my post, someone else checked in to say they also rode the James Bay Road in 2011. His photos are here.


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