The first bicycle tourist of the season?

Hello, friends. Many of you know I work at "the Hostel". And throughout the course of the year, I see quite a few cyclotourists. This, of course, is exciting to someone like me. But cyclotouring is generally a nicer weather pursuit, meaning I see most of them from late spring to early autumn. If I... Continue Reading →

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! The excitement builds as the clock ticks 'way. It's only three short days until the first Three Speed Ride of 2013 in Portland, and the inaugural ride of Society of Three Speeds! Here's some final info for you and yours:I've been hoping and hoping that we will get nice weather... Continue Reading →

Misadventures of the bicycle unmechanic

Now that's a trailer hitch!I find it interesting that some people think I'm a good bicycle mechanic. And we all know that "interesting" has broad connotations; it could mean that I find it amusing, and it also means I can find it frustrating. And I feel both of those things, interestingly enough.Some people won't believe... Continue Reading →

Three Speed Ride 3/3/13: Updates!

It's just a little over a week until the first Three Speed Ride of 2013. I've been quite busy getting ready for it: readying the Rudge, creating the Society of Three Speeds membership kit, working on the Society of Three Speeds website (please check it out if you haven't yet), and praying to the weather... Continue Reading →

Later February Updates

The irony of this image is the playground no longer exists, usurped by the housing going up on the left.Hello to all my followers, all four of you! You may have noticed a downturn of blog posts over the course of, oh, the past two weeks or so. There are a number of reasons that... Continue Reading →

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