Palm Tree Ride 2013: A quick ride report.

At Velo Cult, awaiting departure.It was a brilliantly sunny but cold day in Portland. (Well, cold for Portland.) Despite the chill, I had twenty-something people show up to Velo Cult on Saturday morning for my ninth annual Palm Tree Ride. Apparently everyone got the memo on clothing, as everyone was sensibly dressed for the ride... Continue Reading →

Fly like a (bald) eagle.

Bald eagle near Scappoose, OR. Photo R0NgThursday, January 17th. Another crisp yet brilliantly sunny winter day in Portland. I wouldn't say that the "cold snap" is done, as nighttime temps have still been dipping below freezing. (This is enough to constitute "cold snap" in Portland.) But there has been a "thaw" as daytime highs are... Continue Reading →

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