Letter Writing Month is BACK!

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Remember last year’s Letter Writing Month? February has been declared a month of old-school penmanship and correspondence by the Month Of Letters website. Since I’m a lover of mail (zinester instinct) I jumped in, and after the month was over I got some cool mail–and made a new pen pal or two in the process.

Anyways, February is just a few short days away, and yep, I’m participating in this again! Do you want to be part of it? Want to communicate in a way that doesn’t use a computer? Do you want to receive cool stuff in the mail again, stuff that isn’t just bills or catalogs? Well, you can participate too!

I fully intend to write and send out a piece of mail most days of the month. I would love to send you something during this month, wherever you are in the world. (Most likely I’ll be sending you a postcard, but postcards are cool.) How do you get in on this action? Well…

  • Email me with your postal address.
  • Leave your postal address in the comments below. (This way you can also receive cool mail too!)

Since we are in the digital age, it pains me to make this painfully clear, but I will: We are talking about physical mail, going through the/a postal service. No e-bullshit. If you want to play, you need to either email me your physical mailing address (the address you get your jury summons, Amazon orders, all that), or leave it in the comments. If you have to make me ask you your physical mailing address, you’ll probably be getting the boring postcards from the bottom of the collection.

Don’t you want to get cool envelopes (or postcards) with cool stamps? Yes you do!
Don’t you want to get your address listed in this cool Moleskine address book? YES YOU DO!

And of course, I encourage you to participate by writing as well! Write friends, write family, write people who leave their addresses below. And write me, especially if I write you (Letter Writing Month is supposed to be reciprocal) or if I sent you something in the last year. (Cough cough.) Here’s my address again so you don’t have to look:*

P. O. BOX 14185
PORTLAND OR 97293-0185

Alright, let’s get to it!

**My postal address is at the bottom of every page on this blog, plus in the Contact and Store pages.

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