I went to the swap meet and all I got was a dynohub for dirt cheap. (And a frame bag too.)

It probably was inevitable with the Raving Bike Fiend in town that this would happen. Word came in about a free Bike Swap Meet on Saturday, so Friday night was spent in the garage, sorting out the various used parts that have accumulated over the years. On Saturday morning we loaded up Keith’s car with those parts plus four bikes (three of which were for sale) and headed over to Ruckus Composites at SE 3rd and Madison.

Not for sale: The Crested Butte, for obvious reasons.

This was an underground event. And when I say underground, I mean more subterranean in nature, as the meet took place in a parking garage under the building, the entrance of which opened up to SE Madison where the Hawthorne Bridge viaduct rumbles overhead. Anyways, we got there around noon when the event opened. People and vendors were a bit sparse at first. Most of the parts were of the road-bike variety and most of the attendants had adopted the Modern Refined Urban Messenger In Winter Look: waterproof hooded jacket, the biggest ReLoad/Chrome/insert you boutique marquee of messenger bag here on back, shorts over biking tights, and SPD shoes.

More people and more vendors filtered in, and with that came more selection. Even though I didn’t have much of an intention of buying anything, I still did. For instance my friend Aaron had two Shimano Nexus dynamo hubs for sale. At the beginning I asked him “how much?” and he gave a shirking “make an offer” response. A while later I went back and saw one of them had sold. “How much you sell it for?”
“Oh, seven dollars, as that’s all the guy had.”
I promptly pulled out all the cash I had (thirteen dollars) and handed it to Aaron.

Now I don’t have any plans to build a new dynamo hub wheel anytime soon, but for $13 I couldn’t not buy it. I’m sure I’ll put it to use at some point.

And then I found this nifty Jandd frame bag for $5:

I had been looking at a Jandd frame bag for the Crested Butte, so this was a serendipitous find. And since I gave Aaron all my cash, I had to borrow the cash from Keith.

There was definitely more interesting stuff I could have gotten (like either a Sachs 7 speed internal geared hub or a Sachs three speed hub with drum brake), but I didn’t. Keith couldn’t help himself either. As I was leaving he had amassed a nice collection of stuff.

Did we sell anything? Barely. That’s how it works sometimes.

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  1. It was fun even though we only sold a few dollars worth of stuff and I ended up forking over $70.00 for some astounding parts… MKS touring pedals, a set of DX derailleurs,and a Sachs branded Campagnolo crank and bottom bracket. Met lots of nice people and even connected with the guys at Ruckus who might be interested in custom hubs and a guy who can hook me up with a ton of NOS Sachs schwag.

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