Letter Writing Month is BACK!

From flickr user (cobrabyte)Remember last year's Letter Writing Month? February has been declared a month of old-school penmanship and correspondence by the Month Of Letters website. Since I'm a lover of mail (zinester instinct) I jumped in, and after the month was over I got some cool mail--and made a new pen pal or two... Continue Reading →

The Retro-Grouch Shaving Dept.

It almost feels like it was inevitable. After labeling myself as a "Retro-Grouch" for so long, it's no surprise I've picked up an old-school safety razor. I've been shaving for 23 years. Over that 23 year span, I've tolerated but never really enjoyed shaving. But if I don't shave, I grow a beard. I've had... Continue Reading →

Other People’s Mountain Tour Bikes

Welcome back the Urban Adventure League's most copied feature, Other People's Bikes. I'm your host, Rip Taylor.This installment comes to us from manic Monday over on delicious Division Street in the Southeast Portland. After a tasty burrito* I stopped into a local resale shop. Upon locking up I noticed this beaut:Yep, it's another Raleigh USA... Continue Reading →

Portlandia Obscura: Revere Street

Hello friends! There has been a lack of "Portland interest" stuff on this blog, as it has turned into primarily a personal-bicycle type of thing. But the Urban Adventure League's routes, er, roots, are in exploring Portland. This will hopefully become a semi-regular installment. For those of you not interested in these types of things,... Continue Reading →

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