Merry Christmas! And a gift to you.

UPDATE 12/26/12: The contest is over!A palm tree on Christmas? How Portland.Happy holidays to all my readers out there. Hopefully your day is going well, wherever it be and whatever you do.And since I'm in the giving mood, I figured I'd give a few of my readers a gift today. I'm going to give three... Continue Reading →

Country Riding in the Urban: My Xmas Eve "Rough Stuff" jaunt

Christmas Eve turned into an "as good as it gets" day around these parts for smack-dab in winter: some clouds, some sun, no rain, high 45F/8C. Yep, a good day for a ride. Originally I intended to go on the Frisky Riders morning ride, as it sounded like fun. Then I found out it would... Continue Reading →

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