Back To Stub (and other errata)

Stub Stewart cabins in snow, New Years 2011.

It’s been a slow bike week around ye olde Urban Adventure League HQ. I haven’t had “bike fun” since last Thursday’s ride. I did have the whole weekend off, but the weather was pretty dismal so I didn’t get out there for fun besides peeping the 4449 on Sunday. (And that day was especially crappy, but it was the last day the Holiday Train would be out for the season.)

There will be bike fun ahead, though. I have a week off from work starting on Thursday December 27. I was toying with the idea of doing a mini-tour, but the headache of logistics coupled with iffy weather has made me largely abandon the idea. I may have still toyed with the idea if I had a couple more days to play with, but just riding from Corvallis or Eugene to the cabins at Stub Stewart in a few days lost its appeal. So no go.

The forest around Stub Stewart. New Years 2012.

We’re still going out to Stub Stewart as part of our annual New Years tradition.* A gaggle of folks have rented three cabins for Sunday December 30th and Monday December 31st. April and I (plus Ed) will also rent a cabin for Tuesday January 1st. So three days in the wooded Coast Range? Not too bad. Stub Stewart also has some mountain bike trails so I might get out there and do some “rough stuff”. (Oh wait–I don’t have a real mountain bike according to Gypsy By Trade, so nevermind.)

That leaves three open days before then. So April and I will have a semi-romantic getaway on Saturday December 29th to the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, where Ed and I stayed before the Verboort Populaire in November. It will be a nice easy twenty mile ride from Forest Grove to Stub Stewart.

Those other two days? We’ll see what happens. There may be some bike projects involved as the return of Keith the Raving Bike Fiend is imminent. (Edmonton’s loss, Portland’s gain.)

Raving Bike Fiend at work.

*Hopefully vomiting while a group from another cabin drunkenly “sings” “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes is not part of the annual tradition.

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  1. I wonder how many 'Mountain Bikes' ever actually go up a mountain?Rough Stuff is about the state of the surface not its elevation! There are articles in the RSF magazine from people rough stuffing in Lincolnshire and the highest hill there is a speed bump.Mountain bikers of many gears and full suss just don't understand the purity of our art :0)

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