Raleigh 40: Needs New Home

Yes, it is true: I am going to be selling my Raleigh M40 mountain bike.

This may seem…weird to you, as I bought this bike a month ago. And just earlier this week I was rhapsodizing about riding the bike, both on and off road. But sell it I am.

No, there is nothing wrong with me, nor with the bike, other than it is too small for me. (That and the drivetrain will need to be replaced sooner than later, but that’s not a humongous obstacle.) And no, I am not giving up my dreams of off-road riding and touring.

I’m not going to give the details on what has happened, because I like being all mysterious and giving y’all a reason to tune back in. (And if you check out my other “channels”, you have a pretty educated guess as to why I’m selling the bike.) But it’s a good reason, and I’ll divulge here soon…

But for now, the nitty gritty. I haven’t readied the bike for sale yet, but figure I’d tell all of you in Blogspotland first, as it seems 75% of the bike stuff I sell is through this blog, not Craigslist.

I’ll be selling the Raleigh M40 for around $100, undressed, which I feel is a fair price for a bike of this quality and the work I’ve put into it. (I will entertain reasonable offers, though.) This means I’ll be taking off some of the accessories like the rear rack, leather saddle, kickstand, saddlebag, Salsa anything cage, VO/Klean Kanteen water bottle cage, those big-ass handlebars, and the Rubena Cityhopper tires. The fenders will remain, though. I’d be willing to leave the kickstand, bars, and Cityhoppers on for extra money. Let’s say $25 to keep the bars on, $30 to keep the tires, $10 for the kickstand, and $50 extra for all three, bringing the total priced for the half-dressed version to $150.

Oh yeah, frame size is 17.5 inches.

This is a local Portland transaction only, because frankly the hassle and shipping costs associated with a bike like this isn’t worth it.

If you are interested, please email me.


One thought on “Raleigh 40: Needs New Home

  1. Hate to see it go,but that seems a decent price someone will get. If I weren't so broke (or on the opposite side of the country in TN,LOL!) I'd like ot have it myself…maybe swap the Xtracycle stuffs onto it (being a steel frame,no? My Trek is aluminumnumnum and a bit harsh even as an Xtracycle)…ah well,I'm broke either way and like you said,shipping would be a hassle for you,expensive for me :p It'll make someone a good friend,though,methinks :)The DC

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