A couple days at Cape Disappointment

The Pacific Ocean from Benson Beach, Cape Disappointment State Park, WashingtonOn Monday morning, September 3, April and I rode our loaded bikes down to Union Station in downtown Portland. Here we would pick up the Northwest Point bus that goes between Portland and the coastal towns of Cannon Beach, Seaside, Gearhart, Warrenton, and Astoria. The... Continue Reading →

Helens-Rainier-Seattle-Vashon Tour 2012: Seattle, Vashon, Tacoma, Sickness, End.

The Cobain house and benchMonday, August 20th. A day off in Seattle. I took a casual approach to the morning, since my only commitment of the day was the Bike Touring Workshop I would facilitate at Bikeworks in the evening. I hung around my private room in the HI for a bit, and then set... Continue Reading →

Unofficial Cycle Wild Mid-Week Camping: Metzler Park, Wed 12 Sept-Thurs 13 Sept

 Announcing yet another unofficial Cycle Wild mid-week camping trip!Why "midweek"?Fewer people camping, don't have to worry about full and crowded campgroundsNot everyone has a 9-5 Monday-Friday scheduleSome people are unemployed, self-employed, or have flexible schedulesWhy September? The weather is still good!For most people, summer ends at Labor Day, so the campgrounds that are still open... Continue Reading →

Out To The Coast…

Because I had to work all weekend, I didn't go on the Cycle Wild Labor Day trip (though I planned it!*) But I do have three days off starting today. And I want to get away. And April really wants to get away. You see, she likes the ocean. And she hasn't seen the true... Continue Reading →

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