Helens-Rainier-Seattle-Vashon Tour 2012: The road to Seattle (Sat Aug 18 and Sun Aug 19)

After five days with lots of climbs, the two days of riding to Seattle was a bit of a relief in the exertion department, though a bit underwhelming in the scenery department (to be expected.) Because I'm me, I planned on a long, meandering route that first skirted the Seattle area from the east, then... Continue Reading →

Helens-Rainier-Seattle-Vashon Tour: In Mount Rainier National Park (Wed Aug 15 through Friday August 17th)

Wednesday's ride was relatively easy, all things considered. Initially I had planned on riding from Iron Creek to Packwood, then up over Skate Creek Road to the west entrance of Mount Rainier. This would have made for a sixty mile day, with a good climb on Skate Creek Road. But the climbs of the past... Continue Reading →

Vashon Bound

Wrapping up spending a full day in Seattle. Nice to have a "day off", even though I managed to rack up nearly 25 miles of riding yesterday. (Hey, at least I wasn't loaded!) Today I catch the ferry to Vashon Island, a place I have never been. Should be fun. Tomorrow I catch a ferry... Continue Reading →

Quickie Tour Update

Hello friends! Currently in the teeny town of Greenwater, Washington on SR410, about 25 miles from Enumclaw. We departed Mount Rainier National Park yesterday and camped last night in The Dalles campground in Snoqualmie National Forest. The park is crowded as it's a summer weekend. Throngs upon throngs of cars, TVs, etc heading up SR410... Continue Reading →

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