Laziness and Lethargy (A look back on seven years of Ye Olde Blog)

Yes, yes. For someone who hates the “sorry that I haven’t been updating my blog as frequently as I should”, I seem to make an awful lot of these type of posts.

Anyways…I am sorry that I haven’t been updating my blog as frequently as I should. There’s plenty of things I could and should write about, but haven’t gotten around to it. I still need to write about my reflections regarding my last two bike tours. There are things about my bikes (always a popular category around here) and camping equipment. Interesting bikes spotted. More bike camping and touring adventures on the horizon. All that jazz. Not to mention that I will very soon be graced by an appearance of Mr. Raving Bike Fiend, which means an increase of bike excitement around these parts. A lot of things to write about, yet I haven’t…yet.


As I’ve said, I’ve whined about my lameness regarding the blog in the past many, many times. But to be frank, I whined about it more out of a sense of obligation rather than real concern. You see, when I started this “blog” back in 2005 (seven years ago, yeesh!), it was more a way to have a cheap-as-free website for the Urban Adventure League than a want to blog about stuff. After all, I was (and is) a zinester, and figured I should write about real things in zine format. I did do an okay job of blogging about stuff in the first year or so, then I fell off for a good three or four years, occasionally checking back in with a missive, but mostly just posting about an upcoming event. There were several month stretches without activity.

Then around the end of 2010, I decided to “get serious” about this blog, once and for all. I put in the effort to  write on a regular basis. I started to follow other blogs, and comment on them as well. And that work paid off. The content has improved. I have people who regularly read this blog (I think), so much so that I’ll run into someone who recognizes me from the blog (like what happened the other night.)

Looking back, it is interesting how this blog has changed. Initially I envisioned it as just the “official organ” of the Urban Adventure League. I wanted it to just be about UAL events and goings on, with a smattering of local history and geography. As I hoped the Urban Adventure League would become something more than just me leading bike rides and walks, I hoped to have some other contributors. Now it has morphed into mostly a personal blog with lots of talk about my bicycles and bike touring. I have a feeling that people who may have been interested in the blog in 2005 are not the same as those who are following it in 2012. That’s fine, as things change. Though I do wish I would write more about Portland history and geography, as there are lots more great blogs about those things. Hopefully I will again, as the summer winds down.

To get back to the whole “Why am I not blogging that much lately” biz-ness, well, I don’t have any real excuse. I haven’t had a full-time job in over a year (though that may change soon), so it’s not due to lack of time. And as stated above, it’s not due to a lack of things to write about. I can blame it on summer, but while it does get warm here in Portland, it’s not like the stifling, humid heat of The South, where moving your body requires too much effort. Nah, just general laziness. I slowed down a bit on the writing, and inertia has prevented me from getting back up to speed.

And I want to get back up to speed. I do like sharing stuff through this format. And I like connecting with all of you. I’ve met a lot of interesting folks through this blog and from following other people’s blogs. I don’t want to give that up anytime soon. If for nothing else, the less I post means the less that people tune into this blog. And once you lose readership, it ain’t easy to get it back. I’ve noticed that the amount of comments has gone down considerably over the past couple months. I’d like to think that it’s because everyone is busy with summer stuff…

So hang in there, gentle reader. I’ll have some good stuff soon. Feel free to check out the action on my flickr page in the meantime. And if you’ve managed to be a faithful reader for the past seven years, thank you.

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  1. If you want to write about camping equipment, how about a post on camp stoves for bike camping/touring? I just got a cheap canister stove from Walmart, and I'm super excited – this thing cooks faster than the electric range in our kitchen! But I'm interested in alcohol stoves, white gas stoves and other options.

  2. Hmm…yes. I could write something about stoves. I did write about stoves a little in the Cycle Touring Primer (hint, hint!) I never used white gas or other "gas" stoves, so I can't really do a fair comparison. I may write a bit more about alcohol stoves and solid-fuel stoves in the future.

  3. Since I'd have no reason to follow UAL event listings, I'm glad your blog has evolved in the direction it has. Regarding comments, it's occasionally a PITA to post them. Sometimes I'm kicked through the verification loop a couple of times. But that's just 'cause I'm stubborn about using my wordpress identity.

  4. Thanks, Tuckamoredew, for your persistence. Yeah, this new blogger commenting biz can be annoying, though wordpress commenting has its own annoyances. I have a separate wordpress account for commenting on WP sites to make things easier, though.

  5. I've found that bloggers who post when motivated to do so as opposed to those who post when they feel obligated to do so produce the more interesting reads. So definitely follow your mus!

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