My Pedalpalooza Week in review: Thurs 14 – Wed 20 June. Some nudity, some television.

Last time I left you fine folks I was in the depths of Pedalpalooza, Portland’s annual bike fun festival. And we are still in it; I have no relief from this exhausting fun until the end of the month. So here’s a Week 2 recap:

Thursday June 14: I made a brief fly-by at Ted and Ryan’s Dying Freeways Ride (not to be confused with my very own Dead Freeways Ride.) After that the big highlight was going on the Darcelle XV ride. Darcelle is Portland’s most (in)famous female impersonator who owns a club in Old Town and has been putting on a show continuously since 1967. The ride circled through downtown and visited sites of Darcelle’s (aka Walter Cole’s previous businesses in the ’50s and ’60’s, places like a coffeehouse and a jazz club. It was an interesting look into a chapter of Portland’s history, weird or not. After the ride, April and myself took in the complimentary drag show at Darcelle XV.

Friday June 15: I technically did not participate in any events, though Ed and myself did the preliminary riding/routing for our Sunday Portland Perimeter Populaire event. So I got 70 miles in of riding, not too shabby!

Saturday June 16: I made a brief fly-by of Timo’s Tram Anniversary Ride, but the big deal of the day (and for many, the big deal of Pedalpalooza) was the World Naked Bicycle Ride. The ride happened from 10pm to midnight and made a circuit of downtown and the inner east side. Estimates for the ride are between 10,000 to 12,000 people! It was quite a bit of fun.

Sunday June 17: This was a busy day. I showed up bright and early at Velo-Cult (9am) to help Ed helm the Portland Perimeter Populaire randonneuring event. About 15 folks showed up to do this almost 100k non-official rando event. We got everyone ready and out the door by 10am. Also happening at the same time from Velo-Cult was the Disaster Relief Trials, a cargo bike race to simulate how they would work in a major disaster (read: earthquake.) Also departing from Velo-Cult was the Zombie Ride, which looked like fun (though I did not participate do to my antipathy towards all things zombie related.) I hung out there for several hours before heading up to North Portland for the Grant Petersen Ride. Many Rivendells were in attendance and we followed Alan around a ridiculous course (much off roading, much brush) and then returned to Velo-Cult to see the end of the Disaster Relief Trials and the Populaire.

Monday June 18: And now for a ride I led, the S24O Camping Ride. Four folks met me at the Expo Center MAX and I led them 23 miles northeastward to Battle Ground Lake State Park in Clark County, Washington. In Vancouver I picked up the enigmatic Todd Boulanger and we met two other folks at the campground itself. One of which, Olaf, rode 40 miles from Longview, Washington to join us! It rained earlier in the day but the rain held off for the ride and the night. We got into camp after dark, however. It was a good night of hanging ’round the fire and talking. It was raining in the morning when we woke up, but the rain mostly held off for the ride home.

Tuesday June 19: After a quick nap, I headed to Col. Summers Park with fully loaded rig in tow to help Matt with his Bike Camping 101 workshop. About 30 folks attended. But most interestingly, local television station KGW was in attendance to do a short live feed featuring Matt and myself talking about bike camping!

Wednesday June 20: And now for a ride I used to lead but handed the reins off to someone else, the Solstice Ride! About 60 people met up at People’s Co-op and departed around 9:30pm for an all-night ride around the city with many stops. April and I didn’t make it the whole way through, breaking off from the group at Overlook Park around 3am, but I heard that Nate brought everyone up to the Pittock Mansion grounds to watch the sunrise!

Yes, this week exhausted me. (I’m exhausted just typing this!) And more exhaustion is in store for the coming week. I lead three events this week:

And here are the numbers:

  • Rides/Events I have participated this past week: 11 
  • Rides/Events I have led this past week: 2
  • Total Rides/Events I have participated in: 20
  • Total Rides/Events I have led: 4

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  1. What was the final route of the Poplulaire? I had intended to go, but I was sick that day, so only did the Zombie ride and watched the DRT folks come in. I would like to try the 100 km loop sometime.

  2. I don't think Ed made an official on-line routing yet, but should be doing it soon. Basically it's Esplanade/Springwater/Gresham-Fairview/Marine Dr/Kelley Point/Lombard/Willamette.

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