PDX-Oly-Astoria Tour, Day 5: Coast Bound

A special mid-day post! This may be my last wifi connection for a couple days, better use it wisely!
Last night I rode 14 miles from Olympia southward to Millersylvania State Park. The skies were dark but illuminated by a full moon when I arrived to camp. I had no intentions to do after-dark riding on this tour, but the invitation to camp with other comix artists rather than stay with my ho-hum host was too good to pass up. Plus it hones my “setting up camp in the dark” skills.
It was a fun night and I drank probably too much and stayed up late. Yet I woke up earlier than most and was way more prepared in the morning than anyone else. Ah, camping with car-camping cartoonists. Compare this with any Cycle Wild trip.
Departing Millersylvania I decided to take the more meandery route that stays east of I-5, since it’s quieter and more scenic than the westside.
20 miles later, I’m back in Centralia for lunch and a grocery stop. Then another 20 miles southwest to Rainbow Falls to camp for the night. And then tomorrow afternoon: The Coast!

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