King Of All Media, Part 3: The comic that "took over" three nations

Click to embiggen.

A few months ago I whipped up this comic for bike-funnists Shift here in Portland. This comic is full of handy tips for newbie ride leaders. Whenever someone posts an event to the Shift calendar, it prompts them to read it.

So I did it and thought nothing much of it. Then a little while after that, Velopalooza, the June celebration of bike fun in Vancouver, BC, wanted to use it as well. So with a few modifications to make it more Vancouver-specific, they posted it here.

Can you spot the differences? (Click to embiggen.)

And that’s not all! Then not too long after that, Pedalpalooza UK, the bike fun festival set to debut this summer in London contacted me since they also wanted to use it! So with a few modifications, etc etc… (Note: the jpg link is too wonky to include here. You’ll just have to click it to see.)

Am I done yet? Cyclepalooza in Calgary, you on board?

One thought on “King Of All Media, Part 3: The comic that "took over" three nations

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  1. Nice,mad props on the extra and unexpected exposure,my friend! The comic's awesome. I LOL'd in the last scene ("But…it's from 1912!?!") :DThe Disabled Cyclist

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