Blasts from the Past: My Pacific Coast Tour 2006 Journal, Part 1

It’s become “unearthing buried treasures” month here at the Urban Adventure League!

Back in September 2006, I embarked on an 1,100 mile (1,800 km) bike tour from outside of Portland (Tillamook) down the Pacific Coast to Cambria, California. It was my first “epic” bike tour. And it was appropriately great!

Digging through my bin of old sketchbooks, I found the one from the trip. I started a journal for the trip, where I would use the rough outline of the route-map to illustrate my day. I started out pretty good, but only managed to keep it up for the first nine days of riding (which is the first ten days of tour when you factor in the break day.) As it is with many things in my life, I stopped doing it mid-way. I think I just didn’t have the time to keep up the journal (as I remember I was doing a few entries days after the fact) and let it slip.

But hey! Nine entries are better than none. And now you get to see what my trip was like from Tillamook to the Avenue of the Giants in Redwood territory. Today you’ll get the first installment of three. And if you want to check out photos from the trip, go check out my long-dead old flickr account for more.

And click on the image to embiggen!


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