The Oregon History Comics release is Sunday, PLUS Urban Adventure League workshoppy-presentationy type events for Spring!

First, I’d like to remind my eleven loyal readers that there is a release party for the Oregon History Comics box set written by Sarah Mirk, for which I illustrated the comic on Oregon Bicycle History. It will be happening this Sunday, March 4th, at 7:30pm at the main Powell’s downtown. The full details can be found here.

As part of the promotion for this event, the Portland Mercury, one of the two local alt-weeklies (but the snarkier, better one) had a decent write-up. I’m not mentioned in it (cue The Replacements song “Left of the Dial”,) but in the print edition of the piece there is an actual illustration of me. You see, not only did I illustrate a comic in this series, but there is also one about me. Well, it’s about Portland’s Dead Freeways, which is a ride I lead, so I’m featured. (If you actually pick up that comic, you’d think I lost 80 pounds before the ride I led. Seriously.) So I’m in two of the comics.

And the Dill Pickle Club (the publisher of the series) has an “interview” with me over here. Unfortunately they edited it down because I’m supposing they wanted a more “serious” tone than I was in the mood to provide. So they cut out what I felt were the two best questions/responses, the first and last. For your benefit, I will include them below:

Tell us a little bit about your process for illustrating the comic.
Step One: Get the sketchbook open. Two: Make some coffee. Three: Sharpen pencil. Four: Coffee is getting low, make more. Five: Look at script and reference art, scratch head. Six: Damn, that coffee went fast! Should I use the Moka Pot or the French Press this time? Seven: Is the pencil sharp enough? Eight: Isn’t it 10pm? “Get the Led Out” should be on KGON. Can’t have enough Zeppelin in your life. Nine: I don’t think I can drink any more coffee. Ten: Draw comic.

Anything else you’d like to add? 
“Get the Led out” normally consists of three Zeppelin songs.

Anyways, there is some awesome Urban Adventure League happenings in the near future!

First up, I’ve been invited to “speak” at this month’s Bicycle Brown Bag. The Brown Bag is a lunchtime series hosted by the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) that occurs every third Thursday at noon at City Hall or the Portland Building. This month they are talking about the Oregon History Comic that I drew, so it will be myself and Sarah Mirk!

The details:
Thursday March 15th
noon-1 pm
City Hall,  1221 SW 4th Ave 
2nd Floor -Lovejoy Room
And as this is a “Brown Bag” you are encouraged to bring lunch, so long as you don’t throw it at me. Bonus points if you bring me a veggie burrito.

And spring is coming, so that means a return of my ever-popular Bicycle Touring Workshop!

Bicycle Touring Workshop
Monday April 2nd
HI-Portland, Hawthorne Hostel
3031 SE Hawthorne Blvd (in the Mt. Tabor Room)
Are you itching to hit the open road and explore nature in a way you haven’t yet? Are you a regular bicycle rider but have never taken a bicycle tour? Then join us to learn more about Self-Supported Bicycle Touring, We’ll be discussing equipment, planning, and cost as well as day-to-day life on the road. We’ll also have a few loaded touring bikes to check out. Touring can be easy as an overnight camping expedition close to home, and can be as complicated as a cross-country or around-the-world expedition! But it will be fun!

Note: I will have another Bike Touring Workshop during Pedalpalooza.

And did you want to hear about April and my adventures touring across the continent in person? Yes you do!

Monday April 16th
HI-Portland, Hawthorne Hostel,
3031 SE Hawthorne Blvd (in the Mt. Tabor Room)
During the summer of 2011, intrepid travelers and Portland citizens April Wiza and Shawn Granton rode their bicycles nearly 4,000 miles from the Rose City to the Windy City. Riding through western mountains and central prairies, the couple explored pristine natural areas and bustling urban centers in the US and Canada. It was a journey of big cities and bear encounters, spectacular Rocky Mountain heights and Great Lakes lows, meeting many an interesting folk along the way. They’ll share stories and photos and hopefully inspire you to take a two-wheeled adventure of your own!

And finally, for those who want to lead bicycle rides, especially during Pedalpalooza:

Bike Fun Workshop
Thursday May 10th
HI-Portland, Hawthorne Hostel, 
3031 SE Hawthorne Blvd (in the Mt. Tabor Room)
Pedalpalooza will soon be upon us. Will this be the year that you finally lead your own ride? But maybe you have some reservations, since you’ve never herded a group of bicyclists around before. What goes into the planning of a bicycle event? How can you make it not suck? Join bicycle event planning “experts” Carl Larson and Shawn Granton as they go over the process, step by step, of creating bicycle events from scratch. Planning, logistics, promotions, and more will be covered. By the end of this workshop, we will have posted a ride to the Pedalpalooza calendar!

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  1. Wow, so much fun stuff! Thanks for doing/posting all this. I'm looking forward to checking out as much of it as I can manage.

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