Ask A Civilised Cyclist: Brooks, 25 Jan 2012

Yep, more comix!
And before you jump all over me, yes, I realize I misspelled “thief”. I’ll be able to correct it in a few days. Promise.
You got a suggestion for a question to “ask the civilised cyclist?” Fire away!


8 thoughts on “Ask A Civilised Cyclist: Brooks, 25 Jan 2012

  1. I do enjoy your comics. FYI – please check your spelling. "Thief", and panel two "on" should be "one". Someday I'll try a Brooks saddle. Long-time tourers say they aren't the end all to a sore fanny problem though, so I'm reluctant…that, and the price. But they look so beautiful and classically styled that I always drool over them.

  2. After I get a Carradice Bike Bureau pannier the next logical purchase will be a Brooks saddle. My question for the civilised cyclist: how should a gentleman/lady on a bicycle respond to being cut off by an SUV on the road?

  3. anniebikes–Thanks! As noted in the text below the comic, I caught the misspelling of thief (or more accurately, someone else pointed it out to me.) But thanks for catching the "on/one". It seems to be a common slip for me. It also reminds me how typing on a computer with spell-check on is a bit easier than hand-lettering. There seem to be less misteaks on the 'puter. (I used to be much better about this stuff, seriously.)I agree that Brooks is not the end-all/be-all. But I still find them better than most synthetics. As long as you don't leave them uncovered in the elements for extended periods of time, they tend to last longer, at least for someone like me. I had a discussion with someone about this a few weeks ago. They claimed that the whole Brooks lasting longer was bunk, since he's had synth saddles still hold together after 4 years. Of course, this guy is like 120, whereas I push 200, so I would go through a synth saddle a year. To each their own.As for price, most of my Brooks are used. They occasionally come up on CL or eBridge or somesuch. Just make sure they don't look too beat.

  4. I saw where someone used an old bike chain to secure a seat to the frame on bikehacks blog. After purchasing a new Brooks that may be all one could afford.

  5. John-Ha! I know of the chain method (and someone mentioned this on my flickr photo of this.) That's a good way to do it, as you'll need a chaintool to break it (or bolt cutters, but at that point you might as well take the bike.) As for the cost of Brooks, most of my saddles are used, so no full price here!

  6. I've heard of people disguising their Brooks saddles with cheap slip-on gel padded seat covers. And removing them before riding, course.The comics are great, keep 'em coming!

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