Slushpocalypse Then

After two days of snow forecasts on the valley floor, and some snow flurries on Sunday that didn’t do much of anything, we finally got “real” snow on Tuesday night. Everything aligned just right: the temps were cold  enough and the snow fell fast enough that it stuck. The snow started around 9pm and fell at the rate of about an inch an hour. So by midnight there was at least 3 inches on the ground. Enough.

But snow is fickle here. Not only do conditions have to be “just right” for it to snow here, but there’s no guarantee the snow will last long. It can be snowing like the dickens when you go to bed, snow sticking to everything, inches on the ground, but then the wind comes out of the south, bringing warmer air. Then you wake up to slush and wet streets, and by lunch its gone.

Even though I was a bit tired and worried about April (she rode to NW for karaoke*), I had to seize the moment. Right around 1am I threw on my boots, suited up (sweater/jacket/scarf/hat/gloves), and hit the streets. Thankfully there was enough crunchy snow that I didn’t have to worry about ice underneath snow. I walked a loop around the neighborhood to catch Portland in a rare winter wonderland setting.

Of course no walk in snowy paradise could be complete without irony. So I walked to my local palm trees to see how they were faring.

They look a little sad.

And thankfully it was late enough and/or people were being cautious so I didn’t have to worry too much about cars on major streets.

Looking west on SE Division (towards downtown) at 16th

I was out for about a half hour. While it was snowing when I left, I noticed it had turned to rain by the time I neared home. Not a good omen for the snow. Sure enough, by the time I got up on Wednesday morning, there was just residual slush left on non-pavement areas. By afternoon the temperature had already risen to 52F/11C, so the only snow left was random bits here and there, and some melted snowmen.

I’m glad I got out when I did. This could very well have been the only snow we see in the city this year.

*She took the bus home, but didn’t get back until 2am.

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  1. I did not realize Portland doesn't get much snow. Your lucky, last year we made a snow sculpture of the facebook "like" thumb-up with the snow we shoveled off the drive way. This year we are attempting an Easter Island head. I hate shoveling but you gotta make the most of it. Snow hasnt arrived yet its been a mild winter so far. ps. we are in NJ

  2. I recall one good dump, about 8 inches, of the ten years I lived in Portland. I took advantage of it the next day as the city was closed down, and skied to do errands, and beautiful loops around Rose City Park in the northeast. As you said, it's rare and you have to seize the moment.

  3. We have only had about as much as in those (beautiful) pics you posted this year,but it's been a non-winter for the most part (mild-warm temps most of it,and little snow)…but unlike Portland (a place I MUST visit with bike someday,not in the 18 wheeler I once earned a living in),we'subject to the Old Man's (Winter) whim when he wishes…we could still get dumped on very easily this year. NIcely shot,your pics,pure sweeteness!The Disabled Cyclist

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