Other Peoples Bikes: Pashley Pthursday

Welcome back to “Other People’s Bikes”. I’m your tour guide, Treach.

Today’s specimen was spotted on “torrential” Tuesday on SE Belmont St. It’s a Pashley Roadster of unknown vintage, but by the condition its in, I’d say fairly recent. Pashley is a British bicycle maker that still makes traditional British bikes (i.e. three-speed roadsters, clubman road bikes). Never as big as Raleigh, but unlike Raleigh which today is a bicycle company in name only, Pashley still makes all their bikes in the UK. When the Royal Mail used bicycles, they were produced by Pashley. (I guess the analogue in the US to Pashley would be Worksman.)

Pashleys are not truly rare, but neither are they common. And that’s why it caught my eye. I mean how could you not notice that chainguard?

And the leather saddle? Note that it is not a Brooks saddle, but a Lepper which is a Dutch company.*
Though I’m not cool with them leaving a leather saddle uncovered in the rain. (See here.)

The front wheel has a drum brake, but it’s not one of the newer Sturmey-Archer drum brake/dynohub combos, as evidenced by the bottle generator.

Nice bike! Love seeing roadsters on the streets of Portland.

*Which explains the name no English-speaking company would use.


2 thoughts on “Other Peoples Bikes: Pashley Pthursday

  1. I see quite a lot of Pashleys in the UK, after all they are made here. Not all of the models come with the drum/dynamo combo, some only have drum brake hubs on the front. I have ridden a Pashley Picador from the early 90s, and it too had a non-Brooks leather saddle, although not a Lepper. It is possible that the bottle dynamo was added by the owner. If the fork has a bottle dynamo braze-on, that suggests it is a fair few years older than the majority of the ones I see around Manchester.

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