So it’s been a week and a half since my “accident”. The healing process has done its wonders so far. Each day the scab above my lip has grown less conspicuous. Some of that is due to it getting smaller, but I’ve also started to grow a mustache since I don’t want to shave around it and to draw attention away from said scab.
I think it hides it well. And anyway, I was looking for an excuse to grow a mustache again. (April doesn’t like mustaches.) Maybe in a few weeks it will be of Tweed Ride epicness.
A mustache that would make Greg Norton proud, maybe?
As for the knee, it is coming along well, though not healing as fast as I was hoping. Earlier last week, when I started to ride the bike after taking three days off, I thought I could pull off the Cycle Wild camping expedition that occurred over the weekend. But as the weekend drew closer, I was still hurting. I didn’t want to push myself on a 50 mile (one-way) ride when I wasn’t sure how my knee would do. And the Clackamas River valley is not the appropriate place to find out–if I couldn’t ride anymore, I would have to hope a random vehicle would come by and transport me back home. Once past Estacada, there is no public transport, nor cell-phone service.
It is doing better now. I barely feel the soreness, though in the shower on Sunday I noticed how bruised my right foot is. I must have also hit it in the accident, maybe against my pedal clips. The foot hurt a little last week, but I never looked at it, mostly because I’ve been wearing socks all the time. Oops.
Hopefully by next weekend my knee will be 100% again and I can go on a long ride.

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