An October of history and presentations

Since I hopped off the Empire Builder at Portland Union Station that Friday morning three weeks ago, I've been immersing myself in as much Portland stuff as possible. Thankfully there hasn't been a shortage of cool things to do. Since I like history and all that business, I was happy to presented with so many... Continue Reading →

Tabor Thursday, and some brief Updates

Hello everyone!I apologize for not being more prolific 'round these parts. It's been hard getting back in the swing of things, shifting this blog back to what it was before I went on the Bike Tour. There are things I want to write about, but honestly the stresses of getting back to "real life" have... Continue Reading →

The Road Home

We're back!Yeah, it's been a week since we returned, but what the hey? I promise to get my "blog legs" back, and start posting regularly again. Let's play a little catch-up:Tuesday October 6: Our last full day in Chicago was a whirlwind adventure. We rode from Rogers Park to "The Loop", hitting up the Art... Continue Reading →

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