Quick Notes: Leaving Duluth, Minneapolis ahoy,the Touring Workshop in "The Cities", and what September looks like

Has it been over a week? Yes, it has.
So much to write about, never enough time. I will fill y’all in about our ride from Winnipeg to Duluth when I have time to write (Minneapolis, hopefully, unless Mr. Snak Shack keeps me too busy.)
Right now we are in Duluth, and leaving in an hour or so to head south to Minneapolis. It’s approximately 150 miles, which we are divvying up into three manageable days. Much of it will be on bike paths! We spent a full day in Duluth, which was fine. Wish we had more time to explore the town and the surrounding area, but winter is coming to these northern reaches. (It has already gotten down to 40F/4C overnight, and we already had a Frost Advisory. Yeeps!)
While in Minneapolis, we will be having a Bike Touring Workshop, woot! It will be happening, ironically enough, on Sunday, September 11th. The workshop starts at 11:30am and food will be available! It will happen at the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center, 2834 10th Ave South (Mpls 55407) 612-238-4447
If you are into the Book of Face, you can check out the event listing here.
And here is a rough schedule of “what lies ahead”:
Iowa City: arriving around Mon Sept 19
Ottawa, Illinois: arriving around Monday Sept 26
Chicago: arriving around Thurs Sept 29
I’ll fill you in with details of “beyond that” soon.
And thanks Doug for the great dinner last night!

3 thoughts on “Quick Notes: Leaving Duluth, Minneapolis ahoy,the Touring Workshop in "The Cities", and what September looks like

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening spent with the two of you yesterday. Thanks for the conversation. It's too bad we didn't have more time to hang out together in Duluth. Enjoy the heck out of your stay in Minneapolis. It's one of my favorite places in the Midwest.

  2. We just learned about the workshop on Sunday and are coming. If you need a place to stay or just stop in to shower and do laundry when first getting into the cities we're in Lino Lakes which is right next to the end of the trail bringing you into the metro. Call at 651-771-7732 or email matthew_sterling@msn.com. We're on warmshowers.org too. Matt and Kristin Sterling

  3. Great that you are doing workshops as you move east. I didn't realize you are doing education while biking….very cool. Hope you have hit some warmer climates by this point. Will you be going thru the Harrisburg, PA area?

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