Quick Notes: Leaving Winnipeg, Re-entering the States, Three Months Down, Upcoming Workshops in Minneapolis and Iowa City, and more

Upon entering Manitoba.Hello friends!It's a sunny Winnipeg afternoon and April and I are gearing up to ride south. We spent four full days in Winnipeg, a little longer than what we expected, but we appreciated the rest. Winnipeg was fun for us, and Cara and Gill were great hosts. I'll detail our experience in another... Continue Reading →

Triumphs and Tragedies: On the road from Saskatoon to Winnipeg, Part Two (The Manitoba section)

Gilbert, mascot of Gilbert Plains, ManitobaLast time I left you it was Thursday August 18, Day 84. We had just obtained a new chain for April’s bike in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, the last town of note before crossing into Manitoba. The day promised to be a good one. Not only was the flat landscape going to... Continue Reading →

Landing in Winnipeg

Hello readers!Quick update: We are in Winnipeg! Just got in this afternoon. The ride from Saskatoon was long and hard. More about this plus my time in "The A" in upcoming posts.And I apologize for not updating as frequently as I should. Wifi has been spotty on the Prairies outside of the big towns. And... Continue Reading →

We’re in Saskatoon!

Quickie post!We made it to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Tuesday night, August 9th, after riding an 85 mile day followed by a 92 mile day. Tim and Amanda have been wonderful hosts. Wednesday was spent recouperating. Today I read a lot of old minicomics. More writing to come!And I'm trying to start a movement to get... Continue Reading →

The Belated Calgary Post

Man, talk about slow! I should have had this done like a week and a half ago!Like most Americans, the cities of the Canadian Prairie haven’t registered much with me in the past. I’m not ignorant to their existence, but I spend more time thinking about burghs like Vancouver, Victoria, Montreal, and Toronto than Regina.... Continue Reading →

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