My Tour Map!

Hello Friends!If'n I was the even more prepared "Cross Continent Bike Tourer", I would have tried to figure out all these electronic whatchamajingies before I left. But noooooo. So yesterday I finally get around to making a new flickr account, and there is talk about setting up Twitter when we get cell reception again (thanks,... Continue Reading →

New Flickr!

Hey friends, my old flickr page died a horrible death many moons ago. But I finally got around to making a new flickr page! I'll be uploading a bunch of photos from the tour as we go. I've already got some up. Go check it out

Crossing the Cascades (Days 14-16)

We've crossed the Cascades! But it wasn't easy by any means.Well, let me elaborate. The first two days from Mount Vernon, Washington (Thursday June 9 and Friday June 10) were relatively easy, mostly. Thursday was spent going eastward along the Skagit River Valley. The 40 miles were mostly flat with a few hills, mostly on... Continue Reading →

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