The Quickie "We Are Leaving Spokane" Post

Hello Friends! We've been in Spokane, Washington since Thursday night, but my internet access has been spotty. I still need to finish my entry about biking across Eastern Washington. But in the meantime, I figured I should let you know that we will be leaving Spokane soon and heading eastward to Missoula, Montana. We hope... Continue Reading →

My Tour Map!

Hello Friends!If'n I was the even more prepared "Cross Continent Bike Tourer", I would have tried to figure out all these electronic whatchamajingies before I left. But noooooo. So yesterday I finally get around to making a new flickr account, and there is talk about setting up Twitter when we get cell reception again (thanks,... Continue Reading →

New Flickr!

Hey friends, my old flickr page died a horrible death many moons ago. But I finally got around to making a new flickr page! I'll be uploading a bunch of photos from the tour as we go. I've already got some up. Go check it out

Crossing the Cascades (Days 14-16)

We've crossed the Cascades! But it wasn't easy by any means.Well, let me elaborate. The first two days from Mount Vernon, Washington (Thursday June 9 and Friday June 10) were relatively easy, mostly. Thursday was spent going eastward along the Skagit River Valley. The 40 miles were mostly flat with a few hills, mostly on... Continue Reading →

Onward, Eastward! (Day 14?)

By the time you read this (hopefully), April and I will have hopped on our bikes, departing Mt. Vernon, WA and heading eastward up the Skagit River Valley towards the Cascades. We'll be following the Northern Tier bike route for the next week or so, until we dip southward at Colville, WA to head to... Continue Reading →


the water from Jericho BeachThe five days in Vancouver, from Friday evening, June 3rd to Wednesday afternoon, the 8th, seemed to pass by lightning fast, as has been my experience with any trip to Terminal City. It would have been easy--too easy--to spend a few extra days, heck, an extra week there. (If not for... Continue Reading →

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