Blasts from the Past: Touring Travelogues over the years

On a recent post, Prairie Voyageur asked if I there was an easy way to access my writings of bike tours past.  And I realized there wasn’t, so spent a few hours poking around the back-end of the blorg cleaning and organizing, and adding some photos where appropriate.
To be bluntly honest, I was a pretty lazy blogger before a few months ago.  I didn’t do a good job of writing posts, and if I started to document something like an tour, I would “fall off” after a while.  So reading these partial travelogues may not be that satisfying.  But it’s all I got right now.  I’d love to say that someday I will finish up these writings, but with the new adventures that I intend to document extensively, I wouldn’t expect much addition and refinement to these old posts.
The bike tour that I blogged about most extensively was my first, the Minneapolis-Madison-Milwaukee jaunt of September 2005.  And it ain’t even on this blog! Check out one of my other blogs, Temporary Relocation Project for the scoop.  The entries from the TRP blog was the basis for the Temporary Relocation Project #1 zine that I published in summer of 2006 .  That right now is out of print.  I’m on the fence whether I’ll reprint it, as I don’t think it was executed that well (and wasn’t received that well by some people, as evidenced by the comment here.)  But maybe I will reprint?  In any case, it won’t happen until after the Cross-Continent Bike Tour if it does.
As for other posts, I created a Touring Travelogues that pulls together all my writings about bike touring on this blog.
You can check out my defunct flickr page for photos from my Pacific Coast Bike Tour of 2006.
I’ve also written about tours in some of the comics I’ve made over the years.  Unfortunately they are also out of print at the moment.  I don’t have too much of it online yet, but due to this whole push of cataloging the old stuff, I’ve added a couple new comic posts on old tours here:
Wheely Fun Bike Tour, Summer 2008
New Haven-Montreal Bike Tour, Sept-Oct 2007
Route Verte Fall Tour 2007

And check out my art website for more comics goodness!

But don’t worry, there’s more to come!  Besides the inevitable blogging about the Big Trip, I do have a half-done Temporary Relocation Project #2 in the wings. It’s all about my Trans-Oregon trip from last year.  Just need to rewrite some stuff.  I was hoping to have it done last summer, but you know how things go at the UAL HQ.  Soon, my friends, soon.

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  1. Thanks Shawn! This should keep me going for many coffee-breaks to come.I used to wonder if documenting my trips (and life in general) wasworth the time. I wavered back and forth over the years. The bigquestion: Would I rather spend time documenting the things I enjoydoing, or spend the documenting time doing more things I enjoy?As I get older I'm finding if I don't document it I tend to forgetmore details than I would have previously guessed.So in general, the documenting now seems worthwhile, because if Ican't recall the enjoyable experience, it is almost like it never happened… But I suppose one could question if the latter is really such a tragedy?These are the "important" philosophical questions that plague my mind as I reluctantly drag myself back to work…:-)Prairie

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