Gifts from Blogging Friends

I feel like such a jerk for not acknowledging this sooner, my apologies.
Recently I’ve gotten some gifts from fellow bicycle bloggers.  The first one is these awesome photos from Dave at  He’s been shooting photos of local bicyclists as part of a series, and he caught April and myself before the Three Speed Ride.
More photos can be found over here.
And from the other side of the country, New York City to be exact, came a couple gifts from Justine of Mid-Life Cycling.  First up is this awesome vintage bottle generator/headlight combo:
I don’t have a bike to put this on…yet, but I will at some point!
The other thing Justine sent, an item I wasn’t expecting, was this awesome bag!  It’s a small military bag, possibly Swedish.  

I’m a bit of a bag hound* so I never really need another one, but still want and appreciate them.  I really like this bag because it’s small. I already have decent sized panniers, classic saddle bags, and an enormous messenger bag.  But it’s nice to have a small one for just the essentials.  The size can hold my camera, iPod, small sketchbook/notebook, tool bag, and other small items.  Yes, a man purse if you will. I can wear it, and the stabilizer strap means it’ll stay in place.  I can also put it in my handlebar bag or saddle bag.
And for an oldie-but-goodie, here’s my “Man-Purse” comic from 2005:
Thanks Dave! Thanks Justine!
*I just purged six panniers.  Six.  And sold a messenger bag.  And am still selling another one!

6 thoughts on “Gifts from Blogging Friends

  1. No TOOLS!?The contents otherwise look frightfully similar to my own "man purse"…There were a couple of food stores that wouldn't let you bring backpacks in for a while. Once I actually stood there and waited for a woman to go by with a large purse and asked the "greeter" why she wasn't taking her bag? I let it go, because it looked like the poor greeter internal brain circuits were about to melt down (does not compute… does not compute…)

  2. Tim, are you talking about the bag in the comic? Yeesh, it was six years ago, before I was that prepared. Nowadays I always carry tools. I also don't carry around as much stuff as I used to.

  3. Yeah, sorry, the comic… The comic is AWESOME! My eyes are naturally drawn to comics (and away from text) – if there was something in the text explaining that your fancy new contains tools I missed it as I scrolled down and spotted the comics below and was instantly drawn away!

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