If you’ve read this blog long enough (or are from Portland), you are probably familiar with Pedalpalooza, our annual celebration of bike fun.  It’s a continuation of the internationally travelling yearly Bikesummer festival (RIP), of which we hosted in 2002.  Pedalpalooza is simply a 17 day window jam packed with bicycle events of every shape and size.  Last year the event had almost 300 events in that timeframe!
And now Portland is not alone!  Other cities are getting in on the action!
First up is our sister city to the north, Vancouver.*  They debuted Velopalooza last year.  It was a smashing success so they are back again for another year of fun! This year the fest will happen June 2 through 19.  April and I are going to be up there for the first few days.  Should be fun!
And I just found out about this one: Calgary wants to be part of the fun!  They are hosting Cyclepalooza from June 17 through 26.  We’d love to catch some of the action, but our schedule doesn’t look like it will cooperate.  (Calgary, can you push back the bike fun another week?)
Do you notice anything…similar about these events? Besides the fact they are all -paloozas, they use the same calendar template!  This calendar was designed by Portland’s very own (Tall) Steve Kirkendell, who was gracious to let other cities use his code.
So when is your town getting on the palooza action?
*If you thought I was going to say Seattle, you ain’t from Portland!

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