“The Snow”, Part Two

Well, the initial burst of snow yesterday afternoon proved to be the ONLY snow we got down here on the valley floor. There was maybe a couple inches of accumulation, nothing much, but enough to “shut the city down” and to cause my work to be closed today.

And this morning I awoke to…RAIN. Not ice. The snow was melting and/or turning to slush. So much for doing anything with it. Riding around on my bike was not much different than a typical rainy day here, though I did have to watch out for slush and gravel. (Gravel is Portland’s way of dealing with snowy/icy roads. And it takes them MONTHS to sweep it away.) I thought I was in for some pretend man-against-the-wintry-elements action, but not with this weather. I thought about hopping the MAX to Washington Park to see if there was more snow lingering up in the Hills, but opted to go to the library instead and do research for upcoming urban adventures.

The two things that bum me out the most about “the snow” in Portland:

  1. Since it rarely happens, I’m never adequately prepared. For once I’d like to have a snow tube or sled, a supply of hot cocoa, and a decent pair of boots. I was almost prepared with the boots this time, though. I bought a new pair on Saturday from Andy and Bax, but trying them out later revealed that thery were just a li’l too big. I rode down to the store on Sunday to exchange them, but alas, Andy and Bax are closed Sundays. And then fifteen minutes later it started to sleet. Thanks, God. (I did finally exchange them today.)
  2. And when it does happen, there’s barely any time to enjoy it. If I did try to go find a sled, I would come back to find the snow already slush.

I do like how the city shuts down. We rarely get the excuse to in the Rose City, and since we are a fairly large burg, there’s always something happening. It’s great to get a forced opportunity to just kick back and enjoy the moment. And the cityfolk get nicer when it snows, as observed by Eric From Stumptown yesterday. People talk to each other and help one another out. I doubt I would have seen people willingly help push the car that was stuck in the middle of SE Division at 20th if it wasn’t for the weather. (Well that and the fact that the car wouldn’t be stuck if it wasn’t for the weather.)

I propose that the next time it snows, we all get together at a preordained meeting place and ENJOY IT. Sledding. Hot cocoa. Snowmen. And all that jazz. A regular Urban Adventure League Snow Action Plan.Who’s with me?

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