"Seasonal"After the surprise snowstorm last Sunday, the weather changed and turned "normal". Normal that is for Portland in December. This means mostly cloudy with rain here and there. And the temps warmed right back up! By the end of the week we were seeing highs in the mid-50s! On Christmas Eve it even got into... Continue Reading →

A car-free Manhattan?If you're following the news, you know that New York City is in the grips of one of those big-up Transit Strikes. And to prevent the inevitable gridlock that would become Manhattan's streets, Mayor Bloomberg has imposed strict rules onto driving into the island. A car must have at least four occupants in... Continue Reading →

“The Snow”, Part Two

Well, the initial burst of snow yesterday afternoon proved to be the ONLY snow we got down here on the valley floor. There was maybe a couple inches of accumulation, nothing much, but enough to "shut the city down" and to cause my work to be closed today. And this morning I awoke to...RAIN. Not... Continue Reading →

“The Snow”, Part One.

"If anyone has any extra prayers, could you please send them up my way?" -bus driver, TriMet #4-Division, earlier this afternoon Why yes Virginia, it is snowing in Portland. What's that you ask, you thought it never snowed here? Well, generally it doesn't, but maybe once or twice a season we'll see the powdery white... Continue Reading →

Sorry... for the quietness on this blog. It's basically due to the fact that I've been workin' a soul-sucking temp job this last month, and the free time that hasn't been spent moving into my new "digs" (more on that later) has been busy making artsy-crafty type things for various Portland events, such as the... Continue Reading →

Yet another Parrot Update! But this time it's from my home state of Connecticut. Local power company United Illuminating (UI) has agreed to stop euthanizing monk parakeets, for now at least. Here is the article from the Wednesday, December 7th edition of the New Haven Register. "UI contends that the nests, which can weigh upwards... Continue Reading →

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