Participation and What Happens Next Remember everyone, the Urban Adventure League isn't about, and was never intended to be just one person leading bicycle rides. It's for everyone to participate in. If you have ideas for a ride or a walk, please let me know! I can't say if I'll do it, but I can... Continue Reading →

A Random Personal Adventure you can do on your own.Start from your house. Travel in one compass direction (N,S,NE,etc) via non personal combustion vehicle means (foot, skateboard, bicycle, bus, train, para-sail, etc) until you reach a point where you are not familiar with the area. (In short, make yourself lost.) Then explore the area you... Continue Reading →

Well, the venerable Portland alt-weekly the Portland Mercury has focused their attention on the Urban Adventure League for at least a moment. In this week's Destination Fun they mention the ongoing Pedal Potluck Picnic series. I'm glad that they decided to give the League a li'l free publicity, but in typical Mercury fashion they manage... Continue Reading →

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