Photos from Nicholas…


I just received a packet of photos from Nicholas/Gypsy by Trade! Most of the photos are from his bikepacking trip in Europe last year, but there was a few from earlier North American tours thrown in as well. Good stuff. Thanks, Nicholas!

Nicholas, along with his co-conspirator Lael, is currently bikepacking across Europe again. Check out what they are up to!

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I was born and bred in the diminutive State of Connecticut and have been living in Portland, Oregon, Cascadia, for a decade. I'm an "artist" (aka bohemian that occasionally draws) and used to work for a hostel. I've been drawing the mini-comic TEN FOOT RULE since 1996, which is a very long time in mini-comic years! I do a lot of flyer/poster art for various projects in Portland and around the world. I'm involved with the bicycle community in town and ride almost everywhere (don't own no car!) I love bike touring! I live in a modest bungalow somewhere in the mysterious Woodlawn neighborhood of NE Portland.

One response to “Photos from Nicholas…”

  1. Pondero says :

    Nicholas has a way of making anywhere sound like a touring paradise, and his positive attitude is infectious.

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